Trinity, Fort Pierce

Trinity at Fort Pierce, FL offered a Pop-up Stem program as a new outreach. They set up in a surprise park and offered hands-on science activities for whatever children are present.

In the pop-up pictured, you see one of the families experiment with serial dilution of a colored solution. Serial dilution is used in many disciplines to get more precise concentrations, reduce concentrations to a measurable level and for calibrating equipment. There are even connections to measuring the size of a lake.

After experimenting and exploring, a devotional was shared with children and parents.  If you keep diluting a colored solution, you can no-longer tell what color it’s supposed to be and drew an analogy to diluting what Jesus teaches us. However, we have the undiluted word of God in the Bible! They also did experiments with a Thermal camera, pulleys-on-the-playground and 3-D shapes.

The first event served 11. The second 4. The third 14. The fourth 7.  The fifth 9. For the most part these were all different families, and they were all invited back for the next pop-up.