Convention Highlights

FLGA District delegates elected Rev. James Rockey (Amazing Grace, Oxford, FL) on the 3rd ballot as District President. Elected as FLGA District Vice Presidents: Rev. Dr. Victor Belton (Emeritus, Atlanta, GA), 1st Vice-President Rev. Jay Winters (University Lutheran Church & Student Center, Tallahassee, FL), 2nd Vice-President Rev. Charles Reich (Grace Lutheran Church & School, Winter Haven, FL), …

Convention Offering

Lutheran Bible Translators’ Living Water project captivates the listener with the beauty of God’s Word and gives the opportunity to experience God’s Word through music. We are excited to announce a total of $3,072 was gathered at the convention to benefit the Living Water project.Learn more and subscribe FREE on their website!

Convention Ingathering

Phil’s Friends, a Recognized Service Organization of the Synod was the recipient of the ingathering. Phil’s Friends provided a list of items to collect during the convention. More than 3,000 individual items were collected for cancer patients. Click here to learn more about Phil’s Friends!

Convention Worship

On Wednesday, June 16, the 34th FLGA district convention opened with worship. Delegates, guests, and staff gathered to hear God’s word and partake in Holy Communion. Rev. Dana Brones (Bethlehem, Jacksonville Beach, FL) led the worship service while members of his congregation shared their time and talents.

Convention Awards

Four doulos tou Christou (Servant of Christ) awards were given at the convention. The first award was given posthumously to Reverend David Brighton, who was a pastor at Mt. Calvary, Warner Robins, GA, and a District Vice President. His wife Marcia and their two sons accepted the award on his behalf. As a remembrance and to honor …

Convention Speakers

Rev. Dr. Gerald Kieschnick spoke to the delegates, guests, and staff, focusing the future on Jesus. President Walton brought his wife Terry to the stage to acknowledge and celebrate Kieschnick’s 52 years of service to the Lutheran church. LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison reported updates from the Synod and answered questions from delegates in …