Plant the Church

A disciple is one who follows Jesus, learns from Jesus, wants to become like Jesus, and comes alongside others to make more disciples. You and your congregation intentionally make disciples through relationship-building activities, fellowship, bible study, service events, and neighborhood missions.

A new ministry of one or more congregations which is not intended to be an LCMS rostered congregation but is intended to be an outreach or gospel ministry of an existing congregation.

An extension of a rostered congregation’s Word and Sacrament ministry at a separate site, under the supervision and leadership of that congregation. The site may or may not decide to become an LCMS rostered congregation.

Any LCMS intentionally organized gathering of individuals who have come together regularly for the purpose of worship and/or studying the Word and is intended to grow into an LCMS rostered congregation.

Churches nearing the end of their lifecycle can plan intentionally to leave a legacy that will carry on their mission beyond their lifetime. This legacy is used to plant the church of the future. Their dream of reaching new people does not end when the doors close.